Life changing 4 months.

Hello, everybody!

2 weeks has passed by quickly since the start of the year and things have started spiraling into a direction that might possibly land me into my dreamland. Or a reality where my dreams are starting to materialize.

First and foremost, I have received two shortlisting from the Univesity of Southampton and the University of Birmingham.


Wait a minute, wasn’t I rejected by the University of Birmingham shortly after my UCAS application?

Beats me.

Ironically, they were the ones who sent me the shortlisting interview first.

Nonetheless, I was so excited that I am given this opportunity to go through the interviews and show the admissions team on my compatibility with Medicine!


Both interviews are not done locally, so I have to buy tickets to fly to the U.K. as well as K.L. for the interviews. But that is not the problem. The main problem I am facing now is conflicts between my schooling schedule.

Going for interviews in the U.K. would consume at least a week of my schooling time thanks to the difference in time zone. Thankfully, based on my timetable, my lessons take place on 3 days instead of the usual 4. As such, I would not miss out on too many classes and can still catch up. My appeal to seek approval for my leave by the various module coordinators have been great so far. Except for one. I needed to get the school’s approval. Otherwise, a small percentage of my final grades would be taken away instead (sigh).

The biggest problem for me is the interview at K.L. for the University of Birmingham. The date coincides with my common assessment for my Anatomy and Physiology module. The common assessment is worth 40% of my grade. After a mini-consultation with my tutor, I have two outcomes. Either risk that 40% being 0 marks, or have my final 60% to replace the 100% grade for my module (that is if the school approves of my leave). Risking 40% is an extremely stupid thing to do considering that I can get A+ (i.e. above 80% in total) and that 40% of my grades is thrown into the sea because of this.

However, as much as I really want to sustain my GPA above 4.9 (i.e. to get GPA 5.0 this semester 2), I do not want to miss any opportunity of me being able to get into Medicine.

I do hope that I would be able to join the discussion with the Dean to reach an outcome.

I’ll update on the progression of this, but chances are, I’ll go for the 2 interviews.


And guess what?

NUS transfer application is going to open soon and I cannot wait to submit my application! Hopefully, all is well and I do get shortlisted!

Regardless, generally speaking, I am still quite worried about my preparations for the interview. Hopefully the practices I am going to do a few days prior the interviews would be sufficient to bestow me the confidence I need.


Moving on, school has been really fun for me! Especially knowing that the 4 modules I’m currently taking are all interconnected and will serve me well in building my foundations for Medicine.

Anatomy and Physiology II covers the normal functioning of the body on systems we had not covered in semester 1. We are covering the reproductive systems and will move on to the musculoskeletal system, nervous system as well as the special senses.

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I builds on our knowledge from A&P I, where we are moving towards heart disorders and drugs used for treatment. This is so exciting because it correlates with the next two modules.

Medical/Surgical Nursing I provides more insights to chronic conditions and how to care for these patients. Conditions range from hypertension to bronchiectasis to allergies, and procedures such as oropharyngeal suctioning.

Lastly, Comprehensive Health Assessment equips us with the knowledge to conduct a basic health assessment of the body from head to toe and links up diseased conditions we will see in P&P I and Med/Surg I.

Sounds exciting right? I know!


School has started and the pace of school is slowly accelerating. Together with those interviews that I am shortlisted for, I am not sure how things will turn out.

Friends have been supportive of me, and I am very lucky to have them to give me feedback and being so encouraging despite them not wanting me to leave the course.

I have no idea what will happen, but the huge part of this year and the subsequent years to come will be determined by the things that happen from now until May, where the NUS shortlisting results will be released.

I do hope everything goes well.

I wish for them to be good and for you readers as well.