NUS Medicine Welcome Tea

Just a quick update, I have gone for the NUS Medicine Welcome Tea a few days ago and was hoping to share my experiences here. Despite the increasing involvement of technologies, I have yet to see anything regarding NUS Medicine Welcome Tea to prepare myself better.

Hopefully, this short post would give you an understanding of the Welcome Tea!

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to those who have made it to NUS Medicine :)! Getting here is not easy, and that is just the start of a lifelong journey!


Anyway, once you are made an offer to study NUS Medicine, you will be invited to this event regardless of whether you accept this eventually or not (I mean who will not accept it, right? But still, there are some people who do!).

Once you’re there, you basically wait for the Professor of the Medicine school to come down (I think the Dean or Assistant Dean came down) and he will be giving you the reasons why you should join NUS Medicine.

A few initiatives they were going to implement this academic year is the opportunity to do caregiver training! Sounds exciting right? Apparently, the majority of the people there (~90%) said they would go for this training. For me, not really! I had these training in my nursing attachment!

Nonetheless, he also mentioned a few changes that are going to happen in the school and how we will be the caring doctors the society needs. After that, the seniors from NUS Medicine gave a sharing about how life is as a Medicine student and how Medicine is not just about books (I mean why would people have that misconception? Okay, maybe being too long in Nursing helps me understand the Medicine students schedule better, and hence that dissociation from the mainstream perceptions), but also fun!

Once the sharing was over, we were split into groups (tagged right from the start at the registration counter) and we moved around MD6 for a tour! The tour essentially is like what HOP2016 is! They showed us the simulations that we will use in the future (labor simulation, Harvey, resuscitation, dummy machines that can recreate conditions, intubation and blood drawing simulations). Got the opportunity to do intubation again and also to draw blood! Looks easy, but there are definitely a lot of consideration when it comes to applying the theoretical part to it.

Besides the simulations, we were also showed how our batch might be the first to use virtual reality for anatomical dissections and how these exposures can be effective and beneficial for us.

Once we were done, we headed off to the BUFFET! Haha, honestly, the fried fish was super delicious! I think that was my highlight of the buffet haha.

Managed to meet two new friends who will be accepting NUS Medicine, and will be going for MEDICAMP! MEDICAMP is going to take place in the first week of July and I cannot wait for it! So excited!

10 minutes before 12

A few days ago, I was hanging around Brightsparks forum when a noticed that people had already been given an offer to study Medicine in NUS. I was so anxious (and excited) at the same time thinking that my results would have been released as well.

I headed over to the Joint Acceptance Portal and log in.

Nothing, no offers.

I then start to feel sad and worried that my dream of studying Medicine in NUS is going to be crushed. Again and badly.

I was hanging out with my friends til late at night until one of my friends came to check on me. Curious, I asked why that sudden concern. It was later revealed that another friend had been accepted and because one of my friends did not hear back from me, the assumption was made to be a negative one.

I headed over to the forum and checked the board again.

Turns out, I was supposed to check it from myaces portal instead of the Joint Acceptance Portal given that transfer applications would be notified differently. Knowing this, I immediately reset my password to myaces portal (because I have forgotten about it) and logged in.

After clicking the “Application Status” button, my anxiety and nervousness were greeted with a huge dismay. The page was seemingly the same as what I had a few days ago. I headed back to the forum and one of the transfer students asked me aboutΒ my application status. He asked if my status was changed to “has been processed” and I told him that it had always been that.

His reply threw me off.

Mine was processing but changed to processed around 6 I think! No results though as the myaces page is not update yet >< let’s hope for the best πŸ™‚

Oh! No wonder mine looked a bit different when I logged in.

Turns out, my application status when I checked that time was “HAS BEEN PROCESSED” and it had been changed from “Is processing”.

Further digging and information provided by this transfer student made me realized that the portal will update at 12 midnight and the results would be out.

Turns out, application status does indicate something. “HAS BEEN PROCESSED” tells you that either you have been accepted or rejected. However, you would need to wait til 12 midnight for the myaces portal to be updated to view.

Thankfully for me, I didn’t have to wait very long. The time was 11.50pm when I made this surprising discovery.

Let me tell you.

That 10 minutes wait was surely not the most pleasant feeling. I knew the outcome was either an acceptance or rejection. No in between.

Multiple thoughts flooded through my mind, recalling the days of my interview.

Did I do so badly that I got rejected? But I remembered the interviewers being quite impressed? Maybe it was that few stations which had little impact?

For some reason, I already knew at the back of my head that I would be accepted. However, I don’t want to hold onto this thought, only to be smashed in the face with a rejection. This was my form of protection.

5 minutes left.

My breathing was going insane. If you were to take my vitals, I think my heart rate would hit above 100, blood pressure exceeding 140/90, respiratory rate above 20. Maybe it was high. But I know my heart was going to come out and I felt difficult to breathe.

Nonetheless, I managed to calm myself a bit just before I go into shock.

When the clock struckΒ 12, I quickly alighted from my bus stop and logged in.

Initially, I thought I the application status would be changed to “Outcome has been released”. However, seeing that the “application has been processed” made me kind of sad.

But, I noticed that application status page was slightly longer than usual.

Guess what?



After 4 long years, 14 rejections, thousands of dollars spent on various entry examinations and applications, days of being so sad and depressed; I finally got in!


I think Jeremy Renner’s gif definitely described how I felt that day.

I wanted to accept my application immediately. However, to play safe, I headed back home to do it.


Oh boy. This was one intense night. I had to spend 30 minutes logging in and out to check, taking screenshots sending to my friends, making sure that I did not read it wrongly.


With both feet into Medicine, now it’s time to focus on being the best doctors I can ever be and achieve the many goals I’ve set!

Lost sleep for the entire night form the excitement, but I guess all is worth it :)!