Hello Readers!

I am currently a Nursing student in NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies and will be starting my next semester as a Medical Student in NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. If you had already been watching my post, you’ll discover that Medicine has been a passion for me and getting into Medicine is something I have been trying for 4 long donkey years.

Only my attempt in 4th year yielded results.

I shared my stories with my classmates, strangers, curious onlookers, and also those who will be following my footsteps to achieving their dreams. They all mentioned one thing – it was inspiring.


Having been someone who likes to search things up and see how one’s experiences were like, this became the spark that made me wanted to share my experiences too. Especially when experiences in a particular field is niche.

This is why I started blogging.

In my journey of blogging, I’ve seen responses from people saying that some of my posts really gave them good insights about certain aspects of their lives they are going through. So I really do hope that you find my post beneficial!

Last but, not the least,

I found this quote from takingthemaskoff,

“Society cannot tolerate individuality because individuality will not follow like a sheep. The sheep are always in the crowd because it feels more protected, secure. Only lions move alone — and every one of you is born a lion, but the society goes on conditioning you, programming your mind to be a sheep.”

And it’s funny how I am sharing this given this one incident in the morning.

I was waiting to cross the road, stopping at the traffic light, waiting for it to turn green. Having used that traffic light for more than a decade, I knew how the signals would work and knew when exactly the green man would appear. While observing for the signals, I prepared myself, knowing that I was going to cross. When the light turned green, a whole bunch of the crowd started moving, including me. However, my eyes were still glued to the traffic lights. They were indeed green – but for the cars – and a whole bunch of us just crossed. I didn’t process this information halfway into the road and quickly scramble out of the danger’s path. Funny how they changed the signals without warning the pedestrians.

And if you were to look at the faces of the drivers, I think they would be equally dumbfounded as well!


And that is how I think society plays a much influential role in our decision-making processes, but still, we need to always remember that we’re the lion.

I guess I’m too long winded over here and I need to stop here.

Enjoy your time reading!