Bucket List


Unlike my previous bucket list which was a horrendous mess, I have re-made this into a more organized page.


Here’s one of my favorite accomplishment;

Secure a place for interviews in both NTU and NUS School of Medicine in 2016 (did no achieve this, and this added my rejection to 14) and guess what?



And getting accepted into NUS YLL/NTU LKC (Okay, I am not going to give up as long as there’s a glimpse of hope from transferring into the school)!

And guess who did it?

I GOT ACCEPTED INTO NUS YLLSoM and will be commencing my studies in Medicine in AY2017/18!


Goals for 2017 (May onwards):

  • Get my basic driving license
  • Do well for first half of M1 in NUS Medicine
  • Participate more activities the school has to offer and broaden my perspectives
  • Visit my kid in the children’s home
  • IPPT Gold

Pre-2017 ticks:

Pre-2017, still working on it:

  • Travel to U.K.
  • Founder of a program that reaches out to people who needs help (At this point in life, this statement is vague. Maybe as I grow older, I will have more things to help me figure out)
  • Study Medicine with a Scholarship
  • Become a philanthropist (Another indistinct missionary that my future experiences would shape)
  • Publish a book relating to becoming a doctor?
  • Converse well in English, Chinese, Malay and possibly Tamil?
  • Participate in health-related shows to educate the general public
  • Set up an interactive website targeting the public to educate them about health
  • Meet Taylor Swift!
  • Try out many many roller coasters around the world!
  • Experience snow
  • Collaborate with a group of game designers to formulate an exciting MMORPG
  • Discover a new method of treating disease and open doors to new forms of treatment
  • Specialize in surgery? (Maybe A&E, cardiothoracic, neurology or pediatrics? We shall see which one ends up being the one I will be choosing.)
  • Own a house and decorate it in my dream style!
  • Met my future partner in the healthcare industry
  • Paragliding
  • Perform Handstand
  • Do a front flip
  • Do up an achievement board from birth
  • Solo hiking
  • Attending a pride parade
  • Hail onboard a cruise ship
  • Go on a mission trip

Pre-2017, either cannot make it or failed badly:

  • Succeed in upcoming Jungle Confidence Course and obtain the JCC badge (didn’t get to participate because of a fractured pinkie 😦 )
  • Travel to Taiwan after commissioning with the OCS clique (something that we spoke about during our Jungle times. We didn’t go to Taiwan, but we had a trip to BKK!)
  • Tattoo the 5 divergent factions, 3 at the back of my left ear (Dauntless at the top, followed by Abnegation, and at the bottom, Erudite) and 2 on the right (Amity at the top, Candor at the bottom) [Nah, I don’t think I’ll look nice with these].
  • Own a pet dog and a cat (Not now due to commitments, possibly in the future too I guess)
  • Top my BIOC course (oh well, at least I topped one of the hardest tests which lasted 7 hours, and being the Top NSF for BIOC in the hearts of many people <3)
  • Going into DukeNUS medicine school (at least I won’t be going in for medicine studies!)
  • Graduating from NUS Nursing with First-class honors (since I’ve transferred over to Medicine)!