My first Medical Interview

School work has been piling up ever since the day for my NUS transfer application opens. More time has been spent preparing for the interviews compared to my studies. I think I must be lacking behind quite a bit in my studies. Hopefully, I would be able to catch up amidst all these happenings.

Least to mention, the amount of time I had is significantly lower so I would not be able to write as often as before. However, today marks a special day for my progress into my medicine journey – my first interview.

As I have signed the confidentiality agreement, I am not supposed to share the details of the interviews that Queen’s Belfast had set. However, I will be sharing my own experience.

This was one interview that I would not have expected.

There were 3 stations, and we were given 5 minutes per station to talk about how a particular topic.

Station 1: This was my first station and I was glad to say, I enjoyed it a lot. This was definitely one station you can prepare for and I believed I did my best in this station. Thankfully, the interviewer was nice as well.

Confidence score: 8/10

Station 2: I thought this was quite a killer because I seemed to be beating around the bush instead of directly addressing the question. Felt that I could have done better, but this was one area that I never expect to be able to prepare for. Maybe a wider reading would cover such topics. Because I finished this station with a minute to spare, the interviewer asked if I got any question. Instead of asking how I could improve my reasoning, my brain decided to blare out a question which I think was quite ridiculous (stupid, and maybe even rude). I think that question shot down the already bad impression. Oh well, that goes my points.

Confidence score: 4/10

Station 3: When I first saw the topic, I was excited because I knew I would be able to slay this interview. That is untilΒ the first question came out from the interviewer’s mouth. Got stumped for awhile, but managed to pick myself up. Halfway through, I realized that my lack of pointers to support my stance caused a major downfall. Honestly, I did not get to finish the station because the time was up. How I thought I could improve on this was to fall back on knowing what the interviewers are looking out for. Truthfully, I could have made my answer a lot more outstanding following that self-reflection moment.

Confidence score: 2/10

The 4th station was a rest station, where we get to consolidate our thoughts. That was when I start to think about how better I could improve.

However, when the bell rang to signify the end of the interviews, the other two students in the interview rooms did not come out. That caught me off-guard because I thought the students would be chased out of the rooms. Long story short, turns out, that was an informal dialogue session and the interviewer from the 2nd station was not keen to talk to me, so I had another interviewer instead.

I guess my confidence for getting a slot in Queen’s Belfast is a low 1.

Apart from my damaged confidence and disappointment, I think this was truly one of the experiences that would really enhance my interviews for my next school (And hopefully in NUS).

2 more months to go before the school gives a reply, but I am not hopeful.

Now, it is time to focus on my school work as well as my Birmingham’s interview.

Sometimes I wonder if I make the right choice going for Queen’s interview instead of Southampton’s. Maybe things would be better.



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