2017 – A year of the unknown

I have been doing up the resolutions for each year and this year will not be an exception. Looking back, the year of 2016 has brought many fun times and memorable learning experiences.

From my BIOC course and the Medicine entry saga, to the 3rd and final rotation that I will be doing with my S2 branch, to the ORD speech that resulted from something so stupid, to heading over for HK with my attachment friends from A*STAR, to deciding to do UKCAT, to warming up to my classmates from Nursing(who sadly, might not be my classmates anymore due to reshuffling), to the various healthcare programs I have joined in NUS, to the clinical attachments, 2016 has been a prosperous year of knowledge and friendship forged. These are definitely the times I will never forget, and the struggle I had to reach my goals of getting into Medicine.

Before I input the next 17 resolutions for 2017, I will go through the past year’s goals and see how much have I achieved.

Here are my 16 resolutions for 2016.

  1. Getting shortlisted for interviews in both local universities (This didn’t happen at all. You can read the Medicine saga from the link in the 2016 review paragraph.)
  2. Accepted Medicine for the year of 2016 (If I cannot get shortlisted, I cannot get accepted)
  3. Managing to find a way through the interviews as well as army commitments (I did, surprisingly, but sacrificing one of the trips I have been dying to go to with the same group of friends in BIOC)
  4. Top student for BIOC (Did not happen, but I definitely topped one of the major test for BIOC. Still, it was really heartwarming to hear from friends that I’ll always be #1 in their hearts.)
  5. Be the top 20% for my cohort (I don’t really remember what top 20% of the cohort refers to. If it refers to BIOC, then I think I fall into the category. If I’m talking about nursing, then I definitely fall into that category as well)
  6. Do Bunjee jumping (IT WAS AWESOME!)
  7. Maintaining the exercise adrenaline (At least I have been exercising throughout the year, though not as consistent as I would wanted.)
  8. Start up something impactful (Probably the most memorable impactful thing I started out was my crash course class for my classmates who are struggling with anatomy and physiology.)
  9. Blog more about health related articles (I did! I remembered blogging about mental health and diabetes!)
  10. Reduce the backlogs for my read – economist (Okay, I admit I left them all on the shelves, and discarded them cause I really couldn’t find the time to read.)
  11. Be more confident (Generally speaking, I think I grew to be more confident and sociable, especially after going through communication skills module, public speaking and critical thinking module, as well as being the class representative, all of which forces me to be more outspoken. But I still need to be more confident!)
  12. Think more logically (I don’t think I satisfied this criteria, but during one of the heart to heart talks, they said I was very analytical and logical and was surprised I had an “F” in my Myer Briggs type (INFJ).)
  13. Improve my conversational skills (During attachments and the various events [like SMEC, PHS, NHS, HOP, SL], I was definitely forced to improve my skills and adapt them to situations!)
  14. Keeping and maintaining a happiness dairy (Used to wrote it down every day, until it turned out to be a chore and I don’t think I am someone who really needs to count every blessing given that I appreciate a lot of things!)
  15. Stay in touch with OCS friends, BMT mates, S2 branch personnel, Polytechnic cliques and Secondary school friends (OCS checked, BMT nope, S2 checked, Poly checked, Sec, checked)
  16. Do something I would never have expected to – something really bizarre – and blog about it. (Definitely the incident about the ORD speech and its sequel.)

Compared to 2015, there were a lot more green than red and that is a good indicator that my goals are achievable and not too far fetch. Before I end this, let me share 17 goals I hope to achieve by the end of 2017.

  1. Attend the interviews for UK schools.
  2. Getting an offer from at least one UK school.
  3. Get shortlisted for NUS Medicine.
  4. Receive an offer letter from NUS Medicine.
  5. Finish Nursing Year 1 with a CAP/GPA of no less than 4.8.
  6. Participate in Interfaculty games for NUS.
  7. Pick up Intermediate sign language course and become an instructor for basic sign language.
  8. Do something really unexpected and blog about it.
  9. Surprise 5 people in the year of 2017.
  10. Increase the number of achievements I can include in my CV.
  11. Do something I have never done before in my life.
  12. Increase the size of the Pcrevice within the year (personal goal).
  13. Be able to do a handstand.
  14. Clear IPPT with a silver minimum.
  15. Be more confident of myself.
  16. Cook something I have not cooked before.
  17. Doing my best for everything I do!

I do hope that I can achieve at least 70% of what is listed here (that is around 12) and I hope getting into Medicine is part of what I can achieve.

Nonetheless, I hope you readers have your own 2017 goals in mind and do keep reviewing them from time to time to remind of yourself what you really want!

Last but not least, Happy 2017, and a happy new year :)!


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