A speech I will never forget

Yesterday was our ORD parade and ceremony. Needless to say, this parade was introduced at the last minute and due to limiting circumstances, we had to rush through the preparations. Thankfully, things went smoothly and nothing major happened.

However, this ceremony is one experience I will never forget. I was given the opportunity to go up to the stage and give a speech – about my journey in 1SIR as a commander. I was given notice 2 days prior and I had to quickly set the base for my speech. Fortunately, I managed to type out a 9-minute speech on the day itself and gotten it vetted.

Writing out the speech was no easy task, I had to filter out what to write, and what to leave out. The names of the people I included must accommodate to as many people as possible who are attending the ceremony. Also, the puns and jokes I injected into my speech must be able to elicit some form of positive feedback. Besides these, I had to set the skeleton properly in order to ensure a smooth flow of content, not a fractured one (pun intended).

Of course, in addition to the speech, practice was needed not only to familiarize myself with the speech but also, to gain confidence.

If Bobby did not surprise me while I was rehearsing my speech at the balcony under the hot afternoon sun, he would not be able to listen to my speech and gave me valuable comments which helped in getting the appropriate responses from the audiences.

I have always wanted to give a speech in front of a large crowd because I think that will be the best way of me to gain confidence. To my surprise, since I was presented with such an opportunity, I knew I had to make full use of it. Thinking back now, if I was not given such chance to stand on stage, I doubt I would have approached the correct people and fight for the right to address the crowd.

Giving this speech yesterday night was one of the best experiences ever. I have learned how to sustain eye contact with the audiences while trying my best not to forget what to say. I have also picked up the skill of moving forward when I found my words stuck at the back of my pharynx. Besides that, I discovered the wonders of humor injected into mundane speeches to engage the audiences.


This was me on the podium ticking off an item from my bucket list

The most breath-taking moment yesterday was learning that your speech inspired people and made people reminisced about the past, dabbing on their emotional heartstrings. Kelvin words are those I will bring home and etch it in my mind. He said: “Seeing how we go through shit together from OCS times until now, your speech almost made me cry.”

Despite the 2 short sentences, I literally felt life over the past 2 years flashed past over me. All the times we spent as cadets getting punished, complaining about things, making missions more successful, and then transiting into UIP and then as officers of the 1SIR almost made me cry.

If I can turn back time and experience these times again, I definitely would not want to go through the same sufferings again [Heh, were you expecting that I would say that I want to re-experience the old times? Yu must be crazy, haha]. Unless I can sit in the comforts of my own home and view these experiences like a movie, otherwise, no.

I hope someday in the near future, I would be able to re-experience this exhilarating experience of doing something that will push me out of my comfort zone and open up doors to the many insights of life, myself and the people around me.

Great times captured with a snap of a button and then, materialized into something physical is a good way of archiving such significant moments

With that, I shall end today’s post.

ORD lo…


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